Would waking up to your dream life feel like a miracle right now?
A 6 week guide to connecting with your soul, creating your desires & daily happiness.
  • Does the voice in your head talk smack about you?
  • Want to live with more purpose and no regrets?
  • Do you struggle with fear, stress, worry and self-doubt?
  • Want less blah days and more sweet satisfying joy?
  • Stuck in the same place year after year?
  • Not sure how make your goals and dreams a reality?
  • Want to attract more success, love, wealth and wellbeing?

You are not alone.
And there is a better way to live!

Just imagine...






Your soul

You're aligned with your true self, guided by your intuition and you feel confident in your life decisions. You're not perfect but you love and accept yourself, and you take care of your mind, body and soul. You understand your purpose and what makes you feel good, and you shine your light wherever you go.
Your desires

You've created a vision for your dream life and set the right goals. You're no longer frozen by indecision, fear and self-doubt. You take inspired action and achieve more with less effort. The Universe brings you exactly what you need, and you're on the path to greater success in love, wealth, career, health and life.
Your happiness

You've let go of limiting beliefs, painful memories, self-sabotage, negative thoughts and all that crap that no longer serves you. You feel free, light, happy and overly content. You wake up excited about life, grateful for all your blessings, and you go about your day feeling centred, balanced and peaceful.
Beautiful Life Bootcamp gives you the training and tools you need to create your wildly beautiful + amazing life.
What are people saying?
Elyse has a magic about her and she lovingly shares her wisdom on growing into your authentic self, understanding your purpose in life, and cultivating a sustianed sense of peace and contentment.
Annie, Writer and Career Coachwww.selfhelpjunkieblog.com
Elyse radiates so much joy and positive energy you can’t help but be uplifted and inspired by her. I love that her teachings are both practical and passion filled. She has a real gift for bringing it all together in a clear, powerful and actionable way. If you’re ready to live fully and shine brightly then the Beautiful Life Bootcamp is for you. Over six weeks, Elyse will guide you step by step as you gently, soulfully connect with yourself. She’ll help you take inspired action towards deep self-love, living your purpose and creating the beautiful life of your dreams in all areas.
Sarah, Life and Business Coachwww.sarahjensen.com.au
It's time for change. Let's make miracles happen.
Enrol now for $297 $247 (FLASH SALE limited time only).



You are not your ego. Discover who you really are, how to live from your soul, and how to trust your inner guru (intuition).


Beautiful You

It's time to feel worthy and whole - you are good enough and deserving. Develop self-love and self-care practices for life.



Get crystal clear on your dreams, values and purpose in key life areas. Avoid common mistakes that make your life unsatisfying.


Break It Down

Create achievable goals and inspiring rituals that fill your well and make you want to jump out of bed in the morning.


Inspired Action

Learn how to take inspired action for big results with less effort. Move forward in uncertainty without knowing all the "hows".


A Cosmic Wink

Learn how to get the Universe working for you and engage the power of synchronicity to help bring you your desires faster.


Mental Housecleaning

Holding on to the past? Limiting beliefs? Self-sabotage? We're going to do some serious mental clearing and rewrite your scripts. 


Happiness 101

Learn key habits and tools for greater happiness, gratitude and inner peace. Gain more control over negative emotions.



Fear. It controls most of our lives. Learn how to conquer fear, worry and self-doubt - including your wild 'monkey mind'.
  • Worksheets and Planners
You'll get practical step-by-step worksheets, keep-it-simple planners and done-for-you scripts. Everything you need to create your ideal life.
  • Exclusive Beautiful Life Bootcamp Community
Join the private Facebook group where you can share your progress, ask questions, seek feedback and build beautiful relationships. You are not in this alone.
  • Simple Pocket Meditations
Meditation doesn't have to take hours and feel like hard work. You'll get short-and-sweet meditations to listen to when you need a little soul-care.
  • Premium Membership Site
You get exclusive access to our custom-designed membership site - for life! No annual fees or lockout dates. You can take the eCourse as many times as you like.
  • Illuminating Lessons
Each lesson is value-packed and presented through bite-sized videos and handy PDFs - which you can easily download and take-away.
  • Toolkit for Life
You'll walk away with a transformative toolkit of principles and techniques to use in daily life, to achieve your greatest self, attract your desires, manage negative thoughts, expand your happiness, and let go of everything that doesn't serve you.
Most people are capable of a far greater life than they realise.

Elyse Gorman

Writer and Life Coach at NotesOnBliss.com
Just a few years ago, I was living a life that made me desperately unhappy. It fit perfectly with the status quo and expectations of others – but not my own true nature. I was empty and frustrated, riding emotional rollercoasters, ruled by my fears and monkey mind, and relentlessly battered and bruised by life ‘happening’ to me.

Not anymore. I’m so grateful to have found a better way to exist. I'm now operating from my soul, led by love, living my dream authentic lifestyle, and free from so many old beliefs and blocks. Every day feels truly magical.

I'm also engaged to my soulmate, in the best shape of my life, earning a six-figure income, living in my favourite place, surrounded by beautiful friends and working in my dream business. I still pinch myself!

I want you to feel the same way. That's why Beautiful Life Bootcamp was born – to provide you with the essential building blocks of a beautiful life. It's the class on self-love, dreams and happiness you never took.

Everything you need is already within you – underneath the layers of anxiety, fear, negativity, conformity and doubt. I am hear to guide you towards living your best life. I am here to guide you back to you.

I believe… in gratitude, authenticity, choosing love over fear, and finding daily joy and peace // There is no single definition of success and no such thing as normal // Life is meant to be easy and beautiful // You have the power to create your life // Happiness is the ultimate goal of our lives, and it is both worthwhile and attainable.
You matter. Your happiness matters.
Invest in yourself for $297 $247 (FLASH SALE limited time only).

Q: When does the eCourse start?

We’ll be kicking off Monday 23 February 2022.

Q: How is the eCourse delivered?

The program is delivered in six weekly modules. All content is housed in a private members site. When new content goes live each week, you’ll be notified by email. You'll receive your login details a week in advance of our start date so you can make yourself at home in the members site.

Q: I’ve got a holiday/wedding/busy life and might fall behind. Should I still sign up?

Of course! It’s up to you how quickly you want to work through the eCourse. That’s why I’m giving you lifetime access – you can catch up or revisit the material at any time.

Keep in mind this introductory price won't be repeated so you're better off enrolling now!

Q: How is this eCourse different to other material out there?

I’m so glad you asked! While I love all things happiness, self-growth, philosophy, spirituality and inspirational, I also love things to be insanely practical and helpful. So you’ll understand how the material applies to YOU – and you’ll be given tecniques for implementing it in the real world.

Q: Who is this eCourse for?

Anyone who wants to get more in touch with their inner spirit, deepen their self-love and acceptance, create their dreams and desires, expand their daily joy and inner peace, and find freedom from fear, self-doubt, worry, limiting beliefs, the past, grudges and negativity.

Q: Who is this eCourse NOT for?

If you're not open minded or you're an unrelenting cynic of life, the eCourse may not be right for you, as you'll be introduced to new concepts and ways of thinking.

Q: Do you offer a refund if it’s not right for me?

Yes. I wholeheartedly believe in this eCourse and know that it’s jam-packed with awesome value, but if for any reason you’re not happy, you can withdraw within 14 days of the start date with a refund (minus a 10% processing fee). Simply email me at elyse (at) notesonbliss.com. You will however need to submit all completed worksheets up to that point to show that you actually tried the eCourse.

Q: What currency is the eCourse price in?

All prices are in USD.

Q: What if I know someone who would benefit from the eCourse?

Send them the link to this page, ASAP! They will love you forever.
Beautiful Life Bootcamp helped me determine my priorities, map out a vision for my ideal life, and understand how to get there even in uncertainty. At times in my life, I've been held back by negative beliefs and self-doubt – but Elyse provided many practical tools to overcome these, which I found extremely helpful. I particularly loved getting better at mastering my ‘monkey mind’ – an ongoing battle for most people! The course is perfect for anyone looking to dive deeper into their soul, grow into their full potential and make changes, especially if they're battling fear.
Dominique, Freelance Journalist and Photographerwww.dominiquekane.com
Elyse’s unique spark and soulful nature shine through each lesson. Limiting beliefs are released, fears are understood and overcome, and healthy habits are born. The course will take your wellbeing levels to a new level, and guide you towards making a beautiful fulfilling life instead of just struggling and surviving.
Rachel, SydneyInstagram: @RachelJames
You can never get your wasted days back.
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